Inmatica appointed Strategic Partner of the University of Salento for master’s studies in “Computer Engineering”

The partnership and general goals

Inmatica and the Department of Engineering for Innovation of the University of Salento have signed an important collaboration agreement through which Inmatica is formally recognized as a “Strategic Partner” of the University of Salento for master’s studies in Computer Engineering. The objective of the agreement is to establish a preferential relationship to work jointly in training, orientation and placement activities of the course of study, for the benefit of undergraduates.

The continuity of the Inmatica-UniSalento partnership

Thus, the fruitful collaboration between Inmatica and the University of Salento goes on, and is strengthened, following the appointment already obtained at the end of 2021 as Strategic Partner for three-year studies in Information Engineering.

In master’s studies there are currently two specific addresses, one related to artificial intelligence and one related to automation for industrial applications: the first address is on data analysis, machine learning, statistical learning and computer vision, while the second address is on robotics for industrial automation, distributed systems and robot networks, and finally virtual and augmented reality.

Inmatica a leader in information technology

With this new and prestigious recognition, Inmatica further qualifies itself as a strategic and representative national player in the employment sector related to Information Technology and is proud to be able to contribute to the improvement of the performance of the University of Salento.

Inmatica sincerely thanks the Magnifico Rettore, Prof. Fabio Pollice, who personally signed the agreement, and Prof. Luigi Patrono, scientific head of the agreement for the Department of Engineering at UniSalento.