Delivering IT Solutions Since 1989

Inmatica has been operating for over 30 years in the Information Technology industry as a System Integrator and IT Service Provider mainly for Central and Local Public Administrations and for private Organisations and Bodies operating in different market sectors, in particular Energy and Telecommunications.

Who our customers are

Our customers are the major national players operating in the energy world, mainly in the Free Market of Electricity and Gas, as well as the main Italian Ministries and Regional Administrations to which we provide services in full compliance with the guidelines of AgID, the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale.

Inmatica has always operated with the objective of creating added value for its Clients by constantly focusing on the drivers associated with technological innovation, information security, research and the analysis of changes in the IT world, both from a technological and Project and Service Management angle.

The organizational model

The Company’s organisational model entails a punctual and careful technical management and a technological focus that run in parallel, resulting essentially in three production lines that report to the Technical Management, the Delivery, the Software Factory and the Technological Innovation associated with the various Competence Centres specific to the various technological and process areas on which the Company has acquired or intends to acquire knowledge.

Legality rating

Since February 2024, Inmatica has been formally registered by AGCOM, the Italian Competition and Market Authority, which lists all companies that meet the required legal standards.

AGCOM awarded Inmatica the important initial rating of two stars from the outset. This important recognition confirms Inmatica’s reliability as a highly qualified partner in the information technology industry, further enhancing its market positioning and reputation.

Inmatica’s inclusion in the Legality Rating Register is certainly in line with the principles on which Inmatica has always based its activities and relationships with clients, partners and various institutions since its creation: legality, professionalism and sustainability.