Inmatica offers its Services in different ICT sectors and markets. Each Market has its own business processes, peculiarities and characteristics that must inevitably be taken into account in the design and execution stages of the Services. However, while each deserves a specific digitization to ensure the best technological innovation in the industry, the main drivers behind the Services offered by Inmatica are pooled and specialized from time to time depending on the context in which it operates.

The methodological approach adopted by Inmatica combines:

  • the need to provide added value, to improve the quality of information flows and to enhance the operational plans successfully implemented so far by the various Clients with a view to spending review and rationalization for each functional/application domain; the evolutionary development cycle must always be based on an approach aimed at maximizing the reuse of the assets already available to which to apply those remodifications and evolutions necessary due to new technical-organizational specificities or regulatory amendments that characterize the general context and all the actors involved;
  • but, at the same time, the need to abstract from the specific “vertical” need by trying to identify in each case a reusable approach both in terms of methodology and the development of application or architectural components; the possibility of “pooling” a series of operational interventions allows, on the one hand, to respond to each business need related to each functional/application domain and, on the other hand, to optimize investments and resources, to maximize achievable results, to share paradigms and patterns of design, analysis and modeling, to share know-how, experiences and best practices that are particularly innovative.rticolarmente innovative.

Inmatica combines technological innovation with deep functional domain-specific expertise on each business sector, enabling its Clients to meet their ICT challenges with knowledge, initiating Enterprise Projects of considerable criticality and scope and achieving all the set Goals.

Public Administration

Tangible and innovative solutions for digital public administration in full compliance with the rules defined by AgID

Energy & Environment

We implement systems to support the largest energy players to minimise the time-to-market of the solutions offered to end-customers in a highly competitive environment


We help industry players in the implementation of software systems to improve performance in the consumption of multimedia content


Assisting central banks in adapting to the ever-changing economic and financial system


Strategies and implementation of new integrated IT systems to improve healthcare services in terms of accessibility, security and efficiency


Partnerships with leading Italian universities to launch innovative and experimental pilot projects in pursuit of continuous research and technological growth